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 Traits and Flaws

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PostSubject: Traits and Flaws   Sun Aug 17, 2014 4:45 pm


Everyone gets up to 20 points

Strong: Your character is the strongest they can be (2 Points)

Fast: Your character is the fastest they can be (2 Points)

Smart: Your character possesses a wide knowledge of the world (3 Points)

Brawling: Your character is pretty good at playing rough (3 Points)

Martial Arts: Your character uses their own body as a weapon (5 Points)

Weapon Proficiency: Your character is knowledgable of  selected weapon for combat (7 Points)

Advanced Reflexes: Your character is able to dodge and react with ease (4 Points)

Enhanced Sense: Your character has an acute sense. Choose one of the five senses to enhance. (3 Points) This trait can be chosen up to once for each sense

Agile: Your character is able to jump off of surfaces such as walls (3 Points)

Technology Proficiency: Your character is very tech savvy and can properly analyze electronics (1 Point)

Thick Skin: Your character is resistant to hot and cold environments (1 Point)

Seductive Charm: Your character is a heartthrob capable of swooning the ladies or teasing the men (2 Points)

Silver Tongue: Your characters speech is so appealing. Everything they say sounds reasonable (3 Points)

Heavy Body: Your character is a large one, and thus is able to throw their weight around a little more (3 Points)

Stealthy: Your character moves silently if moving slowly (5 Point)

Analytic: Your character is able to process a situation rather easily (3 Points)

Confidence: Your character handles intimidating situations with ease (3 Points)

Medic: Your character is able to stitch up wounds, given the right supplies (4 Points)

Wealthy: Your character has the dolla dolla bills (3 Points)

Survivalist: Your character has what it takes to tough it out (3 Points)

Cook: Your character can cook a meal from anything edible (1 Point)

Beast Tamer: Your character has a ferocious pet (5 Points)

Dexterity: Your character can perform tasks such as picking locks or pockets quickly (2 Points)

Disguise: Your character can easily change their appearance (2 Points)


Everyone needs at least 10 Points

Clumsy: Your character tends to make mistakes (2 Points)

Weak: Your character falls below average strength (3 Points)

Slow: Your character falls below average speed (3 Points)

Dumb: Your character doesn't know too much (3 Points)

Decreased Sense: Your character has one of their 5 senses weakened (2 Points) This Flaw can be chosen up to once for each sense

Blind: Your character cannot see (7 Points)

Disabled: Your character has a limb that's unusable (5 Points) This flaw can be chosen up to twice

Timid: Your character doesn't handle intimidation too confidently (3 Points)

Brittle Bones: Your character is easily injured (5 Points)

Weak Immune System: Your character is always sick (2 Points)

Small Body: Your character is easily tossed around due to their size (4 Points)

Slow Learner: Your character processes information very slowly (3 Points)

Putrid: Your character reeks, making it hard for others to be near them (2 Point)

Sleep Deprivation: Your character doesn't get much rest, making their reflexes a bit sluggish (4 Points)

Loud: Your character can't sneak to save their lives (2 Points)

Unlucky: Your character can never catch a break (2 Points)

Irritated: Your character is extremely easy to irritate (2 Points)

Apathy: Your character feels pity and sorrow for others (2 Points)

Greed: Your character needs all the spoils to themselves (3 Points)

Intolerable: Your character is so annoying, others can't stand him (2 Point)

Trust Issues: Your character trusts no one (1 Point)

Gullible: Your character trusts everyone (3 Points)

Pride: Your character puts his reputation before anything else (3 Points)

Trauma: Your character often has triggered flashbacks to horrific memories. (5 Points)

Arrogance: Your character considers himself superior (3 Points)

Paranoia: Your character thinks someone's always out to get them (2 Points)

Emotionless: Your character fully relies on logic rather than feelings (2 Points)

Addict: Your character has something they can't resist (3 Points)

Feel free to suggest more below!
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Levin Mikaelson

Levin Mikaelson

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PostSubject: Re: Traits and Flaws   Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:07 am

Shy: Your character has an issue with meeting and being around people. (1 point)

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Traits and Flaws
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